Обучение в весеннем семестре в Силезийском университете (Польша) по стипендии Erasmus+ (750 € в месяц) для магистрантов, обучающихся специальности ПГС и специальностей ФЭИС.

Обучение и подача заявок на английском языке. Срок подачи пакета документов – до 1-го декабря 2015г.

Необходимые документы:

  • Application Form
  • proposal of Learning Agreement (LA), for preferably 30 ECTS per semester, min. 25 ECTS.
    Note: local language courses offered to students and attended by them do not count into the LA, as this document shall cover courses related to main study field only.
  • Transcript of Records — for the years/semesters completed + list of courses being taken at the moment (semester) of applying; copy of diplomas already awarded (e.g. copy of bachelor degree for master student applying for mobility flow) are welcome
  • Language Certificate confirming English level presented by student – in case no international certificate is available, a certificates issued by student’s Home University / its Foreign Languages Centre or similar unit is acceptable but must state clearly the level of language competency
  • CV in Europass format
  • Copy of passport
  • Motivation Letter and/or References: welcome

Консультация и подача документов – в международном отделе БрГТУ (каб. 325)